Success stories

Success stories

Purna Chandra Ghosh

Gift of Good Health

Purna Chandra Ghosh, a farmer from Kadamdanga village in Jharkhand, was suffering from a terrible cough. Traveling to a health-care centre would be expensive for Mr.Ghosh. So he visited Uday’s centre at Barhra—5 km away from Kadamdanga—and was treated there. Uday’s doctors ensured he continued coming back for the next 3 years. 

During this time, Mr. Gosh saved Rs 20,000 on medical expenses and transport.

Soumen Garain

Doctor at my doorstep

A hesitant Soumen Garain first visited Uday’s kiosk 2 years ago with a severe cold. He had only heard of “the online doctor” and like many others in his village was unable to sacrifice a day’s wages to avail healthcare at the nearest facility. Uday’s kiosk is located 3 km away from his home—a journey he was able to undertake on foot. At the kiosk, a doctor would diagnose him and prescribe medicines. Mr. Garain saved on medicines and transport. He now brings family members along and says “the doctor is now at our doorstep”.

Tapasi Das

Ease of access

Kamalpur is a village located at a distance of 10-12 km from Uday Barhra. Tapasi Das, a local of Kamalpur had stomach aches and was unable to afford services being provided by the Rural Medical Practitioner, colloquially known as RMP or “quacks”. Tapasi then recalled that there is a health center, not too far where “city doctors were available on the computer”. She traveled 12 km and was relieved to meet the health assistants, who assisted her. She consulted the doctor and then took the medicine at Uday. She now visits the “online doctor” when necessary.

Manasa Bagdi

Unfettered self-reliance

A few years ago, Manasa Bagdi suffered a stroke that resulted in the paralysis of her left side and has needed assistance since then. Traveling far would be a huge financial burden on the family. She was brought to Uday in the hope that the “online doctor” will be able to help her. The “online doctor” instructed health assistants to diagnose and measure her blood pressure and sugar levels. Diagnosed with high blood sugar, Manasa was prescribed medication. For her, Uday’s centre isn’t too far away. She regularly drops by for checkups, reducing her medical expenses and reliance on her family members.