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Papers and Publications


Article on Ei-Samay about our activities

Dr. Satadal Saha along with his team has established a few digital health centres in Siuri and Sundarban to deliver quality primary care through renowned doctors to the marginalized rural communities. The team’s vision is to create a community of reputed doctors, health workers and beneficiaries, and deliver healthcare to the last mile population through frugal diagnostic technologies to provide cost-effective treatment.

The Salboni block of West Bengal is witnessing this transformative work in terms of an effective treatment system, primary care and public health solutions to the masses.

Dr. Saha harbours a dream to work with primary healthcare in every district of West Bengal. This can help in reducing burden on the existing health infrastructure and mitigate the shortage.

All of this started with a few mobile units along with a primary health centre catering to 9 villages in Salboni. It involved training of local women, technologically empowering them, and arming them with a decision-support software system.

Today, people can avail cost-effective and appropriate treatment through this model, eliminating the need to travel to cities and hospitals for primary health issues.


CD-Based Microfluidics for Primary Care