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“Uday” – doctor at doorstep; is our model of digital clinic delivering primary care and public health services to the underserved rural population through its 15 centres (fixed and cycle-based mobile) at Birbhum district of West Bengal and one (1) motor-boat at The Sunderbans (world’s largest delta and mangrove).

It is led by remote doctors, delivered by community health workers (CHW) and supported by two sets of innovative technologies –
A Clinical algorithm-driven Electronic Health Record (our own copyrighted software).

Multiple clinical grade & certified diagnostic devices from IIT Kharagpur (Common Research & Technology Development Hub in affordable healthcare).

How does the clinic work

How does it benefit patients:

  • GP & Specialist consultation

  • Single-visit, One-stop solution for doctors, medicines, tests, physiotherapy, injections, dressing etc.

  • Home care delivered by cycle-based mobile units

  • Average cost/episode (all services included) = Rs. 250/-

  • Ultra-low band-width requirement – high scalability

  • Health education & awareness programs, School health survey by CHWs

  • Disease surveillance programs – cervical cancer, women’s reproductive health

  • Cohort studies – diabetes, hypertension


Technical evaluation by High-power Committee of IIT Kharagpur. 

Doctor-driven(GP & Specialists)& Community Health Worker delivered

Livelihood generation for rural youth with low formal education

Innovative frugal diagnostics for the last-mile population

Health data; Heat maps of diseases, Risk score, Public health policy

Scalable & Replicable, minimal infrastructure, Easy customisability

Health systems transformation:

Disruptive access

Mobile units reach last-mile, even at ultra low band-width; minimal infrastructure

Integrated care

Physical dental & mental, capacity-building & behavior change.


Accurate diagnostics, Genuine medicines, GP & Specialists, public health programs

Improved quality

Data & process-driven, evidence-based, AI-enabled(under development)


Cost lower than current alternatives(direct & indirect)

Measurable outcome

Cohort-based monitoring of NCD & Inf. Diseases, public health survillance

Digital Health

Comprehensive health data

ICD10 diagnosis, medicines, tests, analysable for R&D

Mitigate doctor shortage and maldistribution

Less time, improved quality through data-driven approach

Full range of services

Tests, medicines, physical, dental and mental care, physiotherapy

Scalability, Replicability, Uniformity

low-band-width, language/location-agnostic, less doctors


eco-system approach(public health, health education, disease modelling )

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