Doctor at my doorstep

A hesitant Soumen Garain first visited the kiosk 2 years ago, with a severe cold. He had only heard of “the online doctor” and like many others in his village was unable to sacrifice a day’s wages to avail healthcare at the nearest facility available. The kiosk is located 3 kms away from his home, a journey he was able to undertake on his feet.  One at the kiosk, the health assistants were able to explain to him that the doctor would be available and it is the doctor who would be prescribing him medicines for his ailments. The doctor available made a diagnosis and prescribed medication, which helped Mr Garin reduce the expenditure incurred and also, the distance between him and the doctor has now been reduced greatly. In his subsequent visits, he now brings his family members along and explains to them, that, “the doctor is now at our doorstep”.