Launch of Sunderban Project

Through a competitive grant from Millenium Alliance Round 6, we launch a comprehensive livelihood and digital healthcare project at Sunderbans – the world’s largest mangrove forest and a heritage site. Covering an area of 40000 with a population of more than 4 million inhabitants, people suffer from abject poverty, deprivation, struggle against frequent natural calamities (Aila, Amphan, Yaash),.The local population lacks access to even basic primary healthcare services and it is also difficult for patients to be transported after late evening hours. Our project will establish one (1) floating digital health clinic equipped with medical devices and staffed with trained health workers; two (2) land-based digital health clinics in larger islands; and one (1) training facility for the local youth as paramedical technicians.

The launch of this project foretells the success of the idea- Healthcare for All. Nested within the framework of SDG 3, we bring in the concept of Health and Well Being for each individual of the country in a more innovative and distinct way.